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Kamailong"mind full welded ball valve"


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2015 Spring Festival is coming, and the annual big exhibition will also be held in Nanan International Convention and Exhibition center.

This is the third time to participate in Nanan Kmailong valves plumbing valve.Kamailong valves after years of development, has established its exclusive localization industry. Our main products are special heating full welded ball valve, buried (buried) all welded forged steel ball valve, floating ball valve, forged steel split type fixed ball valve, forged steel full welded ball valve and various metal sealing ball valve. The products are widely used in all kinds of city gas, district heating, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, steel, power plant such as piping and equipment and offshore drilling platforms and other industries.

valves in the exhibition booth number is 1E25. General manager Xu Shengyi said, this exhibition, Kmailong valves will be through new and high quality products to attract the flow of people. Kmailong valves in the industry for years, achievements are obvious to people in the eyes of professionals, especially the exhibition for many years, this is to use different display mode to attract attention. And the site will be equipped with a number of professional marketing specialist to provide customers with information to provide professional service commentary.


Through the booth design, Kmailong valves can be seen, the use of color positioning booth Kmailong Valves new, blue with white collocation, show its professional, focused, rational technology, high-end image. The exhibition hall is arranged in a plurality of valves on the wall, simply paste the Kmailong valves to display the image map. But in the hall of the configuration of the quiet and comfortable warm area for customers to negotiate, guide and negotiate to come to understand the clients of professional.

The Kmailong



Address: Nanan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Fujian, China

Time: February 21, 2015 - February 23rd (the 3th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar to 5th)

Pavilion location: 1E25

Hotline: 13757707700

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