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Valve skim treatment method


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First, the cleaning procedure: valve parts in the assembly must be processed before the following process:

1, according to the processing requirements, some parts need to do polishing treatment, the surface can not have machining burr, etc.;

2, all parts for processing;

3, after completion of degreasing pickling and passivation, cleaning agent without phosphorus,;

4, after pickling passivation with pure water rinse clean, can not have pharmaceutical residues, carbon steel parts to save this step,;

5 parts one by one, not the surface of cable to dry non-woven fabrics, wool and other retained components, or with clean dry nitrogen;

6, with non woven or precision filter paper stained with pure alcohol to wipe the parts one by one, until there is no dirty color.

Two, assembly requirements:

The cleaned parts must be kept in a sealed and kept for installation. The installation process requirements are as follows:

1, install the workshop to ensure clean, or build a temporary clean area, such as the purchase of new color cloth or plastic film, etc., to prevent dust entering the installation process.

2, assembly workers must wear clean cotton clothing, wearing a cotton cap, hair can not leak, wearing a clean shoes, wearing plastic gloves, skim,.

3, assembly tools must be cleaned before assembly to ensure clean.

Three, other requirements:

1, the valve with the completion of the valve with nitrogen at least 1 minutes purge.

2, air tightness test must be pure nitrogen.

3, airtight test after passing the seal, with a clean polyethylene cap seal, the use of polyethylene cap before the use of organic solvent immersion, wipe clean.

4, and then sealed with a vacuum bag.

5, the final packing.

6, the transport process to take measures to ensure that the package is not damaged.

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