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  • 12-20

    2016 Overview of cryogenic valves

    Overview of cryogenic valves:The utility model is suitable for a valve which is suitable for medium temperature -40 DEG C to -196 DEG C and is called a low temperature valve.Low temperature valve ball valve, gate valve, including low temperature low temperature, low temperature valve safety valve, cryogenic valve, cryogenic valve

  • 12-20

    2016 Valve skim treatment method

    First,thecleaningprocedure:valvepartsintheassemblymustbeprocessedbeforethefollowingprocess: 1,accordingtotheprocessingrequirements,somepartsneedtodopolishingtreatment,thesurfacecannothavemachiningburr,etc.; 2,allpartsforprocessing; 3,aftercompletionofdegreasingpicklingandpassivation,cleaningagentwithoutphosphorus,; 4,afterpic