Can interact with exciting customer base, which is a challenging and rewarding work environment.
  • Working at Kamailong
    Working at Kamailong

    Growth opportunities in Kamailong are all around the world. We are operating in more than and 40 countries and regions, every day you can interact with in a wide range of new clients and colleagues, share customer relationship and diligence staff and operational value of enterprise culture.

  • Professional Experts
    Professional Experts

    Are you ready to enter a new phase of your career?  Working in Kamailong can help you create a challenging and meaningful occupation career. Our talent management system helps you to exert most of your potential ability. You will find a wide range of opportunities for implementation in Kamailong.

  • Students and graduates
    Students and graduates

    Are you a good student? Do you have proficient in technology, the spirit of innovation and commitment to continuous learning? Kamailong is the most suitable for your, whether you are a bachelor's degree, master's degree or doctorate, or just graduated, ready to start the job, you should consider Kamailong.

  • Internship

    Are you looking for the first work experience as part of the learning content? Have you ever graduated from school and are eager to start work? To start your career by practicing in the industry's most successful company-Kamailong valve.

  • Learning and development
    Learning and development

    Archiving success is not accidental. We constantly provide supports, vocational training and guidance to expand your experience. That constantly effects you in your long-term career. Kamailong will offer you many opportunities in the participating of global interesting and challenging projects.

  • Know our employees.
    Know our employees.

    Are you interested in Kamailong? The best way to know us is by communicating with our employees who come from different backgrounds, regions and fields. They will introduce you our culture and values. You will know the detailed information of working in Kamailong.