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Professional manufacturer specialized in fully welded ball valves
Specialized in fully welded ball valves
Professional manufacturer
Zhejiang Kamailong Valve Co., ltd. is located in Anfeng industrial zone, Yongjia county, Zhejiang province, which has independent manufacturing capability. Enterprise's management, manufacturing, sale, after sale services has international standards. Professional production, modern management, strict enterprise style, board leading application experience, innovative product technology and Kamailong elite team makes Kamailong could calmly face complex, diverse and demanding environment in valve industry. An the same time, it offers customers system solution from valves model selection, high quality products manufacturing to professional after sale services.
Maximizing the customers value is the goal Kamailong pursuing consistently.
Company owned machining center, pphysical and chemical test center, CNC machining center, welding cold treatment equipment, assembly robot and pressure regulating equipment, plasma spray welding machine, big size ball polishing machine, big assembly equipment,  valve body hydro testing equipment, physics&chemistry and NDT facility, automatic pressure and torque test devices, valve baking paint line and other high precision machining and testing equipment. Meanwhile, perfect management mode, leading technology and production process, leading testing system, steadily improved service and quality make Kamailong could offer customers higher quality fully welded ball valves and better services.
Kamailong has cooperators on urban gas, district heating, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, iron and steel power plant and offshore production platform from Europe, America and Asia countries.
Main products are heating system fully welded ball valves, urban gas under ground ball valves, filter fully welded ball valves and high pressure fully welded ball valves. Sizes of standard welded ball valves is DN15-DN1500. Sizes of filter welded ball valves is DN65-DN350. Pressure is from 1.6Mpa to 42Mpa. Nowadays Kamailong is one the most professional ball valves manufactures with widest products range by successfully introduced a variety of types of technology and constantly research and innovation of fully welded ball valves.